Event Calender

2018 Event Calender


May 1st Mizuho Kannon Great Spring Festival
May 1st – 20th Aramachi Wisteria Festival
May 2nd Itoigawa Salt Trail Starting Point Festival
May 3rd Classic Car Meeting
May 3rd – 15th Seasonal Bus Tour – Flower Story
May 20th Tsukimizu-no-Ike Pond Wisteria Festival
May 26 & 27 13th Annual Tsuchinoko Expedition
Mid May Jade, Shinpaku Bonsai, Alpine Plants, and Mineral Exhibition
Mid May Pier Park Bike Meeting in Oyashirazu
Mid to Late May Gekkasan Azalea Garden in Bloom


10 June Itoigawa Fish Festival
Mid June Seaside Carnival
Late June Nou Firefly Festival
Late June Hayakawa Firefly Festival


Marine Day (3rd Monday) SeaFest at Nou Swimming Beach
July 21st Hayakawa Fireworks Festival
July 28th & 29th 50th Annual Oumi Festival and Itoigawa Fireworks Festival


Aug 4th 43rd Annual Itoigawa Omanta Festival
Aug 11th 67th Annual Nou Seaside Fireworks
Early Aug Tōzaki Summer Festival
Mid Aug Jade Gorge Fishing Park Trout & Char Festival (Summer)
Late Aug Princess Nunakawa & Great Mortar Festival
Aug 31 Nechi Yamadera En’nen Evening Festival


Sep 1st Nechi Yamadera En’nen Festival
Early Sep Japan Sea Classic Car Revue
Mid Sep Jade Festival at Oyashirazu Pier Park
Late Sep 7th Annual Itoigawa Craft Fair


Early Oct Gran Fondo Itoigawa 2018
Early Oct Bike & Coffee Break at Marine Dream Nou
Early Oct Jade Gorge Fishing Park Trout and Char Festival (Autumn)
Mid Oct Autumn Umidani Gorge Festival
Late Oct Tōmigawa River Salmon Festival
Late Oct Marine Dream Nou Bountiful Catch Thanksgiving Festival
Late Oct Autumn Salt Trail Hike


Nov 9th – 18th Tanimura Art Museum Autumn Night Garden 2018
Mid Nov 14th Itoigawa Five Breweries Appreciation Dinner  
Mid Nov 37th Annual Nou Salmon Catching Festival


Early Dec GeoPal Xmas Event
Late Dec Itoigawa Seaside Valley Ski Area Opens
Late Dec Charmant Hiuchi Snow Resort Opens

2019 Event Calender

January 2019

Jan 14th Hakusan Shrine Bamboo Porridge Offering and Candle Festival
Jan 15th Oumi Take-no-Karakai Festival
Jan 17th Tōzaki Naked Festival
Jan – March Itoigawa Monkfish Fair
Mid Jan Itoigawa Monkfish Festival (Itoigawa)
LateJan Itoigawa Monkfish Festival (Nou)

February 2019

Early Feb 6th Annual Jōnan Candle Festival
Early Feb Itoigawa Monkfish Festival (Oumi)
Jan – March Itoigawa Monkfish Fair
Feb- March Seasonal Bus Tour Geomaru-Go – Oyashirazu Winter Romance
Mid Feb 2018 Nechi Valley Glittering Candle Road
Late Feb Maseguchi Hot Springs Snow Hut Festival

March 2019

Jan – March Itoigawa Monkfish Festival
Late March Sea of Japan Seafood Soup Festival
Late March 33rd Annual Mt. Yakeyama Foothills Heliski Tour

April 2019

Early April Omi Cherry Blossom Viewing
Apr 10th & 11th Amatsu Shrine Itoigawa Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Shrines Festival)
Mid April Nikkoji Temple Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Shrines Festival)
Apr 24th Nou Hakusan Shrine Spring Grand Festival
Late April Jade Gorge Fishing Park Opening Festival
Late April Salt Trail Opening Hike