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Time: 4 - 6 hrTransportation: CyclingChallenge Level: ★★☆☆

Grab a cycling map at Itoigawa Station and breeze along the Kubiki Cycling Road, a beautiful bicycle path which follows the coast along the Sea of Japan. Enjoy a breathtaking seaside ride while exploring Itoigawa's rich maritime culture!

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  2. Itoigawa Station

    Itoigawa Station

    Rent a bicycle at Itoigawa GeoStation GeoPal's Tourist Information Desk. Grab a cycling map, check the seasonal event and tourist information, then get ready to start your ride!

    Don't forget to check the weather forecast before you go!


    Nearby Attractions

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  3. Kubiki Cycling Road

    Kubiki Cycling Road

    This 33 km bicycle path is built atop the remains of the Old Hokuriku Railroad. The railroad was moved into the mountains in the 1960s and in 1977 the old railroad was converted into a bicycle path.
    The Kubiki Cycling Road follows the coast of the Sea of Japan, through many of Itoigawa's fishing communities.

  4. Hakusan Shrine

    Hakusan Shrine

    Nou Hakusan Shrine has over 2000 years of history. Among the gods worshiped here are local goddess Princess Nunakawa and her husband Okuninushi-no-Mikoto. The worship hall--or haiden--features a distinctively pitched thatch roof typical of Japan's snowy north. Sacred Mt. Oyama (90 m) sits behind the shrine, it is said to be the tail of a dragon which once lived in this region and the natural spring water which flows from it is considered holy.

    The main sanctuary--or honden--was built in the Muromachi Period over 500 years ago and is considered a Nationally Important Cultural Property. It can be seen resting against Mt. Oyama, just behind the worship hall.


    Nearby Attractions

    ・ Benten-iwa Rock

  5. Marine Dream Nou

    Marine Dream Nou

    Enjoy fresh gourmet seafood at this large seaside market located between Itoigawa's two largest fishing harbors! It's a great place to enjoy lunch and relax by the sea.

    Be sure to visit the Kaiyo High School's museum ship, the Etsuzanmaru, and Marine Museum Kaiyo!


    Nearby Attractions

    ・ Benten-iwa Rock ・ Tottoko-iwa Rock ・ Nou Fishing Harbor ・ Arasaki Campground

  6. Itoigawa Station

  7. After Your Trip

    Enjoy your fill at Marine Dream Nou, then stop by the on-site Tourist Information Desk for more information about things to do in the Nou Region. If you’re up for a little more cycling, continue riding the Kubiki Cycling Road to Tsutsuishi, a beautiful fishing village nestled between the mountains and the sea.