Cliffs of Oyashirazu & Oyashirazu Community Road

  • Cliffs of Oyashirazu
  • Cliffs of Oyashirazu in Winter
  • The Hokuriku Expressway winds through the Cliffs
  • The night view is spectacular

Cliffs of Oyashirazu & Oyashirazu Community Road

‘Tenka no Ken’ – ‘The Most Dangerous Crossing Under Heaven’
The Cliffs of Oyashirazu were once known as the most dangerous crossing of the Hokuriku Road. In ancient times, crossing these cliffs meant taking your life into your own hands while inching between the rocky cliffs and the stormy sea. Over time, these perilous cliffs came to be known as ‘Tenka no Ken‘ which means ‘The Most Dangerous Crossing Under Heaven.’

In the late 19th century, the first modern road was carved along these cliffs. This narrow, winding road was the only way to get around the cliffs for many years, until it was replaced by the current National Route 8. Today, the old road has been made into a scenic walk and renamed the Oyashirazu Community Road.

From Oyashirazu Community Road, see the 4 generations of roads that have been built to conquer these cliffs while enjoying the spectacular views they afford.

Below Oyashirazu Community Road, the remains of the Old Hokuriku Main Line, the first railroad to pass through these cliffs, can be seen. One of the tunnels has been preserved and is open to the public.

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