The Salt Trail (Matsumoto Road)

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  • The length of this ancient road is dotted with Buddhist statues and other relics of the past
  • The Yamaguchi Barrier acted as a customs gate along the road
  • Learn more at the Salt Trail Museum

The Salt Trail (Matsumoto Road)

Beautifully Preserved Section of the Ancient Matsumoto Road

The Matsumoto Road, also known as the Salt Trail, was used in ancient times to transport salt and maritime products from Itoigawa to what is now Nagano Prefecture and Matsumoto City. Salt was vitally important in those days for preserving food to survive the harsh winters, especially for the people of Nagano, so this trade route was kept open for porters who carried their loads by foot or by oxen, even at the height of war between the two provinces.

The section of the Salt Trail in Itoigawa’s Ōno district is exceptionally well-preserved, showing the unique U-shaped road as it appeared when it was in use. It’s a perfect place to slip back in time while enjoying a relaxing hike.

Eagle-eyed travelers along this ancient trail will be able to spot a number of ancient sculptures, temples and other remnants of the old road.

AddressŌno, Itoigawa
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