Takanami-no-Ike Pond

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  • Takanami-no-Ike Pond and Mt. Myojo in Autumn
  • Takanami-no-Ike Pond in Autumn
  • Takanami Highland Restaurant
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Takanami-no-Ike Pond

One of Itoigawa’s most dazzling sights!

Located near the Kotakigawa Jade Gorge, this pond is at an elevation of 540 m and is famous for the legends of a massive fish said to live in its waters. The area around the pond features walking trails, campgrounds, ground golf, boat rentals, a restaurant and more!

Rental Fees:
Boat (For 3 People):
1,000 yen for first 30 min, then 500 yen per 30 min
Fishing Pole: 300 yen (half day)
Ground Golf: 300 yen
Ground Golf Equipment: 500 yen

Barbecue Supplies:
Logs: 550 yen per bundle
Charcoal: 550 yen per bag

Visit here for information about the campsite.

Address19336 Kotaki, Itoigawa
Contact Info025-556-2327
Business Hours9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Days ClosedClosed in Winter (Late November until Late April or Early May)
Parking & Transit InfoParking for 149 Cars / 40 min drive from Itoigawa Station / 2 hr hike from Kotaki Station