Answer a questionnaire and get free stamp book

Answer a questionnaire and get free stamp book

Along with the placement of Itoigawa official stamps, we have created an official stamp book for those who complete the following tasks use it to collect the memories of your travels in Itoigawa.
(One book per person, limit 200)

1. Itoigawa Station Alps Exit Tourist Information Center (8:30-19:00, 8:30-19:30 in July to Sep)
2. Itoigawa City Hall, 3rd Floor Commerce and Tourism Division (8:30-17:15)

Starting from 28 Nov, 2022 (Mon), until the stamp book has run out.

1. Follow our Instagram @visit.itoigawa
2. Answer the online survey on tourism in Itoigawa. It takes around 3 minutes.
(Paper-based surveys are available at the front desk.)


Complete the above tasks and show the screenshots to the staff at the front desk to receive an official stamp book!

★Besides the official stamps announced this April, there are many other stamps throughout Itoigawa.
Use the stamp book to collect all of them!

※To those who have already followed us on Instagram are also eligible for the campaign.
※Campaign schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.