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Sasakura Hot Springs

Secluded hot spring resort in the heart of Hayakawa Valley The Sasakura Hot Springs sit atop a plateau surrounded by mountains over 2,000 meters tall. The baths are fed by natural spring waters from 3 separate sources and are said to have a...


Yu-no-Waki Hot Springs

Hot springs in a country club The Yu-no-Waki Hot Springs are found in the Green Messe Nou Country Club. The springs are open to non-members, so feel free to visit! You can even get in a round of golf if you like. ...


Hotel White Cliff (Shio-no-Michi Hot Springs)

Hot Springs in a Ski Resort The Shio-no-Michi Hot Springs are located in the Itoigawa Seaside Valley Ski Area, making them the perfect place to relax after a day on the slopes. The baths here are open all year, so even if you are hiking in ...


Amakazari Lodge (Amakazari Hot Springs)

Secluded mountain spring at the base of Mt. Amakazariyama This hot spring is at a height of 900 meters at the base of Mt. Amakazariyama, one of Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains. It’s a popular basecamp for climbing this beloved moun...


Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku (Himekawa Hot Springs)

Small hot springs village on the border with Nagano The Himekawa Hot Springs are located on the border between Itoigawa City and Otari Village. A number of hot spring hotels have sprung up around here, making it a charming, quiet place to u...


Umidani Gorge & Sankyo Park

Gorgeous autumn colors and hiker’s paradise! This park and campground is located at the entrance to Umidani Gorge. It serves as the basecamp for climbing Mt. Komagatake or hiking down into the Umidani Gorge itself. Multiple lookout po...


Itoigawa Hot Springs

Fossilized waters of the Fossa Magna Sea. Closest hot spring to Itoigawa Station. Located in front of Himekawa Station, Itoigawa Hot Springs are the nearest hot springs to Central Itoigawa. The hot spring fountain in front produces 1,500 li...


Salt Trail Museum

Museum dedicated to the Historic Salt Trail Located in a repurposed farm house deep in the heart of the Nechi Valley, this museum features a collection of over 2,100 items are on display here and include tools used by the ‘bokka‘...


Hisuien Gardens & Jade Art Museum

A secluded Japanese garden decorated with jade A 70 ton boulder of cobalt jade greets you as you enter the gate to this beautifully-landscaped Japanese garden. Designed by acclaimed landscaper Kinsaku Nakane, the beauty of this garden chang...


The Salt Trail (Matsumoto Road)

Beautifully Preserved Section of the Ancient Matsumoto Road The Matsumoto Road, also known as the Salt Trail, was used in ancient times to transport salt and maritime products from Itoigawa to what is now Nagano Prefecture and Matsumoto Cit...