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A scenic train ride along the mountains and the coast The train Setsugekka is a luxurious train runs between Itoigawa station and Joetsu-Myoko Station, which pass under Mt. Myoko and along the Sea of Japan. The train only runs on weekends ...


Oito Line

A local train trundling through mountains and villages The 105.4 km-long Oito Line connects Itoigawa City with Matsumoto city in Nagano Prefecture. JR West Company operates the northern part from Itoigawa Station to Minami Otari Station (al...


Hotel Kunitomi Annex (Itoigawa Hot Spring)

Enjoy scenic views of the Japanese Alps at this hot springs hotel Located on the bank of the beautiful Himekawa River, our hot springs wells up at an astounding rate of 1,500 liters per minute. The 97 degree spring water comes from over 1,0...


Hotel Ryu’unso (Sasakura Hot Springs)

Feel the refreshing mountain air while bathing in our beautifying springs Our cleansing hot spring bath is also known as the “Spring of Beauty” because it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. We have multiple baths to enjoy in...


Hotel Gongenso (Maseguchi Onsen)

A Hotel Blessed in All Seasons. Enjoy Itoigawa’s Seasonal Best Here! Freshly caught local seafood, freshly picked wild vegetables and mushrooms, seasonal delights, abundant rice and locally crafted sake… We want nothing more tha...


Nou Hakusan Shrine

Maritime Shrine with 2000 Years of History While its exact date of founding is lost to history, shrine records state that Nou Hakusan Shrine was founded over 2000 years ago during the reign of Emperor Sujin, 10th emperor of Japan. The curr...


Maseguchi Hot Springs

Hot springs village in Itoigawa’s Nou Valley The Maseguchi Hot Springs Village, deep in the heart of Nou Valley, is home to a number of hot springs hotels and local shops. Situated at the base of Mt. Gongendake and Mt. Hokogatake, enj...


Choja Hot Springs

Thatched roof hot springs inn – 5 min drive from the sea The Choja Hot Springs are located in a repurposed old farmhouse. The hot springs are warm and refreshing, surrounded in vibrant greenery in summer and deep snow in winter. ...


Sasakura Hot Springs

Secluded hot spring resort in the heart of Hayakawa Valley The Sasakura Hot Springs sit atop a plateau surrounded by mountains over 2,000 meters tall. The baths are fed by natural spring waters from 3 separate sources and are said to have a...


Yu-no-Waki Hot Springs

Hot springs in a country club The Yu-no-Waki Hot Springs are found in the Green Messe Nou Country Club. The springs are open to non-members, so feel free to visit! You can even get in a round of golf if you like. ...