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Hotel White Cliff (Shio-no-Michi Hot Springs)

Hot Springs in a Ski Resort The Shio-no-Michi Hot Springs are located in the Itoigawa Seaside Valley Ski Area, making them the perfect place to relax after a day on the slopes. The baths here are open all year, so even if you are hiking in ...


Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku (Himekawa Hot Springs)

Small hot springs village on the border with Nagano The Himekawa Hot Springs are located on the border between Itoigawa City and Otari Village. A number of hot spring hotels have sprung up around here, making it a charming, quiet place to u...


Itoigawa Hot Springs

Fossilized waters of the Fossa Magna Sea. Closest hot spring to Itoigawa Station. Located in front of Himekawa Station, Itoigawa Hot Springs are the nearest hot springs to Central Itoigawa. The hot spring fountain in front produces 1,500 li...


Itoigawa Seaside Valley Ski Area

Closest Ski Area to Itoigawa Station! Views of Mt. Amakazariyama and the Sea of Japan! Itoigawa Seaside Valley Ski Area is Itoigawa’s largest ski area with a variety of slopes for skiers and boarders of all ages and ski levels. Enjoy ...


Charmant Hiuchi Snow Resort

Meters of deep powder snow and views of the Sea of Japan If you love powder snow, Charmant Hiuchi Snow Resort is the place for you. The operators of this popular winter getaway believe that snow is best when its left untouched, so over 65% ...