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Zendokoro Kurohime

We pride ourselves in local sake, local seafood and local cuisine Located conveniently in the shopping street in front of Itoigawa Station, we are a great place to get lunch, from our reasonably priced daily lunch specials (only 700 yen!) to gourmet sashimi, seafood rice bowls and more! Join us in the evenings and enjoy our extensive menu of izakaya favorites and local delicacies, paired with craft sake brewed from one of Itoigawa's five sake breweries. Also try our ice cold beer, spirits and other drinks! We have an English menu and accept most major credit cards! We can accommodate large groups (up to 80 people). Contact us in advance for more information!

  • Restaurants and Cafes

Dine and Relax in Itoigawa

You'll find it hard not to eat local in Itoigawa at one of our restaurants or cafes One thing visitors always notice about Itoigawa is the quality (and quantity!) of the food. Itoigawa's unique location between the Japanese Alps and Sea of Japan makes it an amazing place for food. Chefs at our local restaurants and izakaya combine fresh seafood brought in from Itoigawa's seven fishing ports with seasonal produce and rice from Itoigawa's seven valleys to create delicious meals full of local flavor! Itoigawa's cafe scene is also incredibly local. You won't find any corporate coffee shops around here, just locally run cafes and kissaten run by people who just love coffee and people.  In the evening, don't be shy to try out one of Itoigawa's many izakaya. These Japanese-style gastropubs are where Itoigawa's food culture really comes to life!