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Benikyuu Japanese Sweets

One of Itoigawa's Oldest Confectioneries, Founded in 1825 At Benikyuu, we make sweets unique to Itoigawa, taking pride not only in their flavor, but in the smiles they bring to our customers' faces. Enjoy our sweets on special occasions or when relaxing with family and friends. We have been working hard for nearly 200 years to bring joy and smiles into our customers' lives through our sweets, including our most famous product, Yama-no-Homare. First sold in 1935, its name, which means "Glory of the Mountains," was given by famous local poet and scholar Souma Gyofu who was a close friend of our 3rd generation owner. A type of castella-style cookie, many local people assisted in its creation, so it can be said to be a truly Itoigawa creation! Our shop has English menus and labels. We hope to see you in Itoigawa!