Leaf Kitchen

Leaf Kitchen

Located on the ground floor of Road Station Marine Dream Nou. Enjoy a variety of crab dishes made from nearby Nou Fishing Port’s famous Benizuwai Crab.

Besides standard Japanese meals and donburi rice bowls, we also serve snacks such as “crab pie” and homemade gelato.

☐Free Wifi                                      ☐Private Dining Room
☑Take Out available                        ☐English menu available
☑Major credit cards accepted

◆Budget:1,980~ yen
◆100 seats. No smoking


Address3596-2 Noukodomari, Itoigawa
Contact Info025-566-3433
Business Hours9:00~18:00
Days ClosedClosed on January 1
Parking & Transit InfoParking available at Roadside Station Marine Dream Nou
40 min walk from Echigo Tokimeki Railway Nou Station