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Izakaya Taki

Handmade local cuisine with local ingredients A small izakaya next to Itoigawa Station, visit us to enjoy Itoigawa’s seasonal delicacies, lovingly hand-selected from Itoigawa’s fields, mountains and sea and paired with sake expe...

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Zendokoro Kurohime

We pride ourselves in local sake, local seafood and local cuisine Located conveniently in the shopping street in front of Itoigawa Station, we are a great place to get lunch, from our reasonably priced daily lunch specials to gourmet sashim...

  • Bars & Izakaya

Itoigawa at Night

Itoigawa likes to stay up late with izakaya, bars, karaoke and more! Looking to wind down? Or maybe turn up? Whatever your plan, Itoigawa’s got a nightspot for you. Itoigawa’s many izakaya are great for enjoying conversation ov...