Itoigawa at Night

  • Sample Itoigawa's Five Sake Breweries
  • Make sure to try the Itoigawa Jade Cocktails
  • Enjoy small plate-style dining at Itoigawa's gourmet izakaya

Itoigawa at Night

Itoigawa likes to stay up late with izakaya, bars, karaoke and more!

Looking to wind down? Or maybe turn up? Whatever your plan, Itoigawa’s got a nightspot for you. Itoigawa’s many izakaya are great for enjoying conversation over dinner and drinks, with a variety of appetizers, entrees and more to enjoy with local sake, beer or cocktails. If you’re staying out a bit later, Itoigawa has dozens of bars, both Japaneses and Western, where locals and visitors alike meet to enjoy music, conversation, drinks and more. Want to make your own music? Hit up one of Itoigawa’s karaoke joints and sing until you’re hoarse! If you’d rather keep your singing voice between you and your friends, you can even rent a private karaoke room!

The fun in Itoigawa doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down!

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