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Benikyuu Japanese Sweets

One of Itoigawa’s Oldest Confectioneries, Founded in 1825 At Benikyuu, we make sweets unique to Itoigawa, taking pride not only in their flavor, but in the smiles they bring to our customers’ faces. Enjoy our sweets on special o...

  • Bars & Izakaya

Itoigawa at Night

Itoigawa likes to stay up late with izakaya, bars, karaoke and more! Looking to wind down? Or maybe turn up? Whatever your plan, Itoigawa’s got a nightspot for you. Itoigawa’s many izakaya are great for enjoying conversation ov...

  • Ramen & Soba

Itoigawa’s Noodles

Slurp Down a Bowl of Ramen or Savor the Gentle, Earthy Aroma of Soba After rice, noodles are without a doubt the most important part of the Japanese diet and you will find them in abundance in Itoigawa. Itoigawa has a long history of soba p...

  • Seafood & Sushi

Seafood and Sushi of Itoigawa

The Area’s Freshest Seafood, From Boat to Table! Itoigawa’s location, wedged between the Japanese Alps and the Sea of Japan, make it an exceptionally good place for catching fish. The towering mountains and steep cliffs seen alo...

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  • Itoigawa Specialty Foods

Tsukitoku Hanten

Enjoy the flavors of Yokohama’s China Town right here on the Sea of Japan! Tsukitoku Hanten boasts a variety of Chinese dishes, both authentic and locally-inspired, using local ingredients sourced from Itoigawa’s mountains and s...